Schema Markup Language

Schema markup is a specialized manner of website coding is integrated into your normal and required website coding. Schema can greatly improve your search engine rankings

Schema markup language enables a search engines to better understand your business, your offering and connect your site to highly relevant internet users.Schema markup is similar to, but vastly superior to, rich snippets.

Website Structured Data

I will do schema markup rich snippet structured data code your website. Iíll create a well structured data and optimized schema creation with proper Schema markup for your business. To get more traffic for an offer or any special content the RICH SNIPPETS is the best way. To sell more products review is must which will be provided by RICH SNIPPETS.

Just imagine when your customer searches your product in the search engine and it came out with everything like separate pages, ranks, logo, company description in a single page then it does not just bring faith in your product but it can also drive to the sale.

JSON-LD Schema Markup

JSON-LD stands for JavaScript Objective Notation for Linked Data. It is a schema markup format that helps you add code to your website without limiting its functionality or design. It is supposed by all of the major search engines, and itís recommended by Google.

One of the main advantages of using this markup is that you donít have to place it within the body tag of your webpage. You can just embed it with a script tag and place anywhere on the page to add the markup. You donít have to change any HTML elements like you do with inline markup.

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