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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is for www.digital-marts.com and is written by Digital Marts. It tells you how this website uses and protects your personal information when you use it. It explains what we do to keep your information safe, and it tells you your rights and responsibilities when you use our website. We'll explain how we collect and use your information and how we store it.


The people who run this website care about your privacy and take steps to keep your information safe while you use it. We follow all the laws in India that protect your privacy.


This website uses cookies, which are small files that save information about how you use the site. They help us give you a better experience when you visit. When you first visit the site, you can choose whether to allow or block cookies. If you don't want cookies, you can change your web browser settings.

We also use software called Google Analytics to see how people use our site. It saves a cookie on your computer so we can track your visits, but we don't collect personal information. Other companies may also save cookies on your computer when you click on ads or links on our site, but they don't collect personal information either.


If you contact this website or its owners, you do it at your own risk. They will keep your personal information safe and won't share it with anyone else. They may use your information to give you more details about their products or services, or to answer your questions. If they have your permission, they might also send you email newsletters. You can always say no to these emails.


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